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Are Cargo Pants the Same as Carpenter Pants ?

When looking for great pants, you will often find cargo and carpenter styles. The two styles have become very popular as of late.

From far off, it can be a bit challenging to recognize the cargo and carpenter pants. All things considered, the two have a moderately free and loosened fit. They are both accessible in general shadings like indigo and light blue.

You may not have the option to pick the correct style of pants except you understand the distinction between them. This article focuses on the differences between cargo pants and carpenter pants. Read on.

What Are Cargo Pants ?

These pants are similar to the carpenter pants, only that cargo pants are denim-based and they have additional pockets on the sides. Cargo pants are also called ‘combat pants’ because they have more degree of utility than traditional pants. Most cargo pants often have four pockets – two in the back and two in the front. Cargo pants come differently as they have extra pockets.

Often, you will see the additional pockets halfway down the trouser legs of a cargo pant. Also, the pockets of cargo pants are bigger than conventional jeans pockets. Some of them come with a top fold that can be opened and closed. In any case, almost all cargo pants have additional pockets, which are casually called cargo pockets.

What Are Carpenter Pants ?

These pants are also denim-based pants that feature some pockets as well as loops by the sides. They are referred to as carpenter pants because they were initially worn by woodworkers. In the construction business, woodworkers often cut and install building materials. Therefore, they always convey a few small handheld apparatuses, like a mallet. These pants make their work somewhat simpler by permitting the craftsmen to convey tools on their pants without the requirement for a different utility belt.

Advantages of Cargo Pants

Wearing cargo pants has many benefits. These pants are very comfortable. Also, even though they are made of denim, they fit more freely than other kinds of pants. If you are looking for something to rock for long, you can always consider cargo pants. They can be comfortably worn for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Wrapping Up

Cargo pants and carpenter pants/jeans may look alike (they’re both denim-based), but they were designed for different functions. Finally, you can also find lots of amazing streetwear pants with cargo or carpenter pant features.

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