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Information about Shipping Vehicles to Alaska from Washington

Businesses and companies may need to shipping vehicles to Alaska. Sometimes, it is not easy to do since it may require special routes and transportation. In this situation, choosing the ferry as the method of shipping is good decision. There is The Ferry Traveller that can provide services for shopping the vehicles through the sea to reach Alaska.

There is already available route for the ferry. One of the possible methods is to take the ferry from Washington State. The ferry will be ready in Bellingham WA and its destination is to Whittler AK. The trip is quite good decision since it avoids driving to Canada so it can take shorter period of time by taking the ferry.

Information of Ferry Route from Bellingham

Bellingham is one of the good options for shipping the vehicles through the ferry. It becomes the only port in Washington that serves the trip weekly all around the year. It provides both routes from and to Alaska so it is good choice when it talks about efficiency.

Regarding the route, the ferry from Bellingham does not go directly to Alaska. The first stop from the Washington is in Ketchikan and it takes around 2 days of trip for the ferry. As for the total duration for the trip from Bellingham in Washington to Haines Alaska take around 3 days. The ferry will not stop in Anchorage Alaska so it requires land route that later requires passport to pass the area.

In the past, ferry from Bellingham provided route for ferries to Victoria BC and San Juan Island. However, the routes are no longer available nowadays. The route to Victoria had been discontinued from 2011. Moreover, there are also no ferry services or routes from Bellingham to Vancouver and Seattle. As for the route to Alaska, it requires advance booking to get the space, especially when there are many vehicles that should be shipped.

Process to Get Quote in Booking Ferry

Shipping the vehicles through ferry from Washington to Alaska surely needs attention, including in term of price. In this case, The Ferry Traveller provides access to get estimations of prices and quotes as the consideration before booking the tickets for the ferry. The access to get the quotes can be checked easily in the website.

  • To get the quote for trip to Alaska, first point to do is to choose the way. There are three options of them, and those are the One Way trip, Round Trip, and Multiple Travel. Each of them surely has different pricing.
  • After choosing the way, second part of the form that should be filled is about the outward route. There are already default choices and it is easy to choose the port for the departure and destinations. The same method should be filled in the part of return route in the form.
  • Next part is about the passengers. Passengers are divided into two parts. First part is for the passengers with maximum numbers of nine passengers. Second part is for the vehicles. There are total of 9 vehicles as the maximum in the options of quote. Of course, special booking still can be done since it is basically for quoting the price.
  • Once all of the parts of form are filled, the price will be given. The points in the form will determine the pricing and it is still about the quote and there are still other possibilities to consider regarding the shipping vehicles to Alaska.

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