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Six Smart Tips To Properly Maintain Your Tent

A clean, waterproof tent that opens and closes properly, that’s what will make your camping vacation more enjoyable! Here are six smart tips to properly maintain your tent.

  1. When Returning From Camping
  • Shake the tent to dust it off and dry it thoroughly.
  • Let it dry well before putting it away. Dirt – mainly sand – can damage the inside of the pull tab used to open and close it.
  • If the latter comes undone and causes the hooks to open, gently bring it back to the starting point.
  • Use small pliers to gently flatten one of its sides, then the other, so that it grips the hooks better.
  1. Sealing
  • To keep it waterproof and its zippers to work correctly, maintain your tent as regularly as it does carefully.
  • Grease the zippers with lubricant.
  • You can also use paraffin, candle wax, or beeswax.
  • Some campers even use lip pomade.
  • However, do not use any petroleum-based products.
  1. Big Cleaning
  • Now and then, clean your tent thoroughly.
  • Take it outside and water it lightly with the garden hose.
  • Dilute a bit of liquid detergent for woolens and delicate textiles in water.
  • Apply the mixture with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Rinse well, but without soaking the canvas.
  • Let it dry – however, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.
  1. A Functional Barrier

To keep your tent clean longer, always place it on a groundsheet: it will protect it – and you, at the same time – from humidity.

  1. Molds
  • Wash off any traces of mold on your tent with water with a bit of liquid detergent for woolens and delicate textiles.
  • Rub it with a solution of 250 grams (1 cup) of salt and 250 milliliters (1 cup) of concentrated lemon juice per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water.
  • Do not rinse. Leave to dry.
  • To avoid this kind of inconvenience, always store it in a dry and cool place.
  • Instead of rolling it up in its plastic wrap, please place it in a large cotton bag or cardboard box instead.


If the waterproof coating starts to wear off, apply a new coat of waterproofing product. Purchase the correct product from your camping store.

Has Sap Or Tar Stained Your Tent?

  • Try to remove these traces with a rag soaked in mineral spirits.
  • If that is not enough, apply a little kerosene.
  • Beforehand, don’t forget to test in an inconspicuous area of ​​the tent.
  1. Attention!

After washing your American tent, only put it away when its seams, which stay wet for longer, are dry: the humidity can encourage mold development.

Please don’t wait until your tent turns you off to the point of no longer using it. Follow these six tips to clean it, and your camping vacation could not be more enjoyable.

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