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Terrestrial Globe: Advantages, Types, And Applications

“Less is more.” This maxim is well-known, applied, and proven daily in decoration. The concept becomes even more accurate when it comes to a scenario with a globe as an adornment. The piece is an extremely discreet, delicate, and tasteful decorative detail. However, the terrestrial globe also exists in larger, more robust, and prominent dimensions, perfect for those who prefer a daring decoration.

Of the terrestrial globe models from a trusted globe manufacturer, it is possible to find blue ones that revolve around their base, usually made of plastic. The brown or cream-colored terrestrial globe is also supported on solid wood support and with swivel or fixed movement. The terrestrial globe is made entirely of steel or aluminum, both super refined and sophisticated.

Some types of terrestrial globe assume an unusual and curious role, as is the case of the illuminated terrestrial globe, perfect for composing the lighting project and serving as a beautiful lamp, or the model used as a kitchen utensil, not only guaranteeing the initially aesthetic function as being an excellent coaster, bottle holder, bowl or fruit bowl.

Decor Styles With The Terrestrial Globe

Looking at the world so closely and being close to the map of all countries at any time can also be synonymous with style with the use of a globe in decoration. See how: a terrestrial globe can transmit, in addition to beauty and refinement, a particular taste for studies and new knowledge, which suggests a geek style to the environment, aimed at the nerd universe and eccentric and extremely intelligent people.

Another style that can be easily incorporated into the decor with a globe is Scandinavian; the natural and pastel nuances, neutral materials such as wood and plastic, and the signed design pieces combined with a terrestrial globe form an exquisite composition. The same is true of the colonial style, as it allows for antique, travel-related, and Victorian-inspired elements, just as a terrestrial globe can be.

How To Use The Terrestrial Globe In Decoration?

Whether to give life, transform your office or offer more refinement to specific home environments, such as a home office, living room, or bedroom, there is no doubt that the globe will set the right tone for the decor! A good suggestion for the office or home office is to have a dark brown wooden globe on the desk or table, more sober and professional.

For the living room, invest in a sepia globe with an aged bronze base, resting on a bookcase or in the corner of the rack. In the bedroom, the tip is to use a flexible terrestrial globe in light olive green and punctuated by small colored pins that demonstrate which countries the resident has already passed through; in addition to being super aesthetic, they serve to interact with whoever is in the room.

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